Error 126, Fix error 126 Windows 7, Windows 8 & Vista/XP

Error 126 is an application runtime error. Usually this error occurs while an application tries to regain the information from a specific DLL file but this file does not exist anymore on your computer. In short, your system requires a DLL file to run application and this file is missing or deleted. In this situation your system will show a pop-up error message as displayed below:

Error 126:"Failed to locate the following resource - Dll File Name"

No worries the process to fix error 126 is quite simple. This article is precisely written for this problem, so a step by step solution will help you to resolve your issue within seconds.

  • Recover missing or deleted DLL File
  • Expand DLL file image from Windows 7 Installation disc
  • Repair Windows Registry
  • Register again the DLL File
  • Delete Registry entry related to SQL Server
  • Uninstall and reinstall the concerned program
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Recover missing or deleted DLL File:

After receiving error 126 the first step to resolve this error is – checking the Dynamic Link Library file mentioned in the error message. Most probably it is missing or might be deleted by some user. You may retrieve this file from your Recycle Bin; recover it to fix error 126 Windows 7.

  • Open Recycle Bin icon on your desktop
  • Search the respective DLL file mentioned in the error message
  • When the respective DLL file found, right click on it and select restore option
  • will recover the missing/deleted file and will fix error-126 Windows 7.

Expand DLL file image from Windows 7 Installation disc:

You can recover the missing/deleted DLL file by expanding its image from Windows installation disk. This is an easy recovery process with Windows 7 and it will easily fix error 126 Win 7.

  • Open CD/DVD Rom and insert Windows installation disc in it
  • Press Start and open Run Box
  • Type d:\i386\.dl_ c:\windows\system32\.dll command in the Run Box
  • But, in a case, if missing/deleted DLL file name is srvsvc.dll then type d:\i386\srvsvc.dl_ c:\windows\system32\srvsvc.dll command in the Run Box
  • Click ENTER and close Command Prompt

Repair Windows Registry:

Mostly error 126 Windows occurs because of incorrect registry file references. This problem can be resolved by using the Best Registry Cleaner software utility. Use it to scan Windows Registry and repair the problems found in it. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download a Registry Cleaner
  • Install and run it
  • Open it and start a full registry scan
  • It will furnish a list of problems with Windows Registry fix the problems found in it
  • Finally you need to reboot your system to fix error code 126

Register again the DLL File:

Register again the respective DLL file will fix the error code 126. You can re-register it by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Press Start and Open Run Box
  • Type Regsvr32.exe Msstdfmt.dll command
  • Click ENTER
  • This solution will be fruitful for you to fix error 126 Windows 7

Delete Registry entry related to SQL Server:

126 error can occur because of broken SQL server’s registry entry. You can fix code 126 error by deleting this registry entry.

  • Press Start and Open Run Box
  • Type RegEdit in the Run Box and press ENTER
  • Find the registry key given below:
  • Furthermore, find any registry key which refers to C:\Windows\System32\sqlsrv32.dll file
  • When you found that registry entry; right click it, select Delete option and Confirm the change
  • Now close Registry Editor and you have fixed Windows error 126.

Uninstall and reinstall the concerned program:

The error 126 pop up while opening a specific program/application can be reinstalled through Control Panel. So, reinstall the specific program/application to fix error code 126. The steps to uninstall and reinstall the concerned program/application are given below:

  • Press Start and open Control Panel
  • Press Programs and select Uninstall a Program
  • Select the concerned program and press Uninstall button
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and reboot system
  • Now reinstall the concerned program
  • You can get rid of error 126 for sure by applying this solution