Privacy Policy

Here is outlined the Privacy Policy for this web site:

General Statement

We place business ethics above all the functions that we perform. Our company in no way engages in such behavior which can result in the privacy exposure of the users of our web site(s).

Error 126 is an information based web site. It does not directly sell any product or service. It contains information which is free for all internet users. This web site is affiliated with Sorcim Technologies which is an IT and IT enabled Services Company.

Emails Policy

The most important information that most web sites seek is the emails of the respected users or visitors to the web site. We clearly state here that we do not require email addresses of the users to view and reach the content which is copy righted to us.

Downloads Policy

There may be some links to the downlaodable softwares in this web site. These links allow you to download the software, whcih we believe, aid in fixing the computer errors mentioned in this web site ( If you want to download the software product, RegInOut, from some other external links such as Cnet, you are free to do so.

Cookies Policy:

To ascertain the technical information excluding the personal information the web site may install some temporary cookies. We state it clearly even this information of technical nature will be shared with any oirrelevant third party. You can also turn-off cookies from your browser if you want to stop all information sent from your PC to our analytics software operated and run by the reputable Google Inc.


The solutions presented in this web site are researched and written by the computer experts. We want you to set a restore point on your system before trying to apply any step on your PC. We are not answerable in case you perform any step wrong. It is advised to take help from some expert computer user in case you are not sure how to use the solution presented in this web site.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right to amend or change this privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding these privacy policy guidelines please feel free to contact us.